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About Us

“Providing the latest techniques to the highest standards”

Park Terrace Dental is situated on the corner of Park Terrace and Ruskin Road, in the beautiful coastal city of Port Lincoln, on the Eyre Peninsula South Australia. The practice is housed in a tastefully renovated sandstone villa, surrounded by gardens and a substantial car parking area, within walking distance to the CBD.

The interior has been decorated to provide a comfortable, relaxing environment for our clients. On arrival you will be greeted at reception and invited to relax in our comfortable lounge area before being escorted through to our treatment rooms, with their magnificent polished timber floors and high ornate ceilings. 

We believe that having the latest in dental technology is only of benefit if it achieves a greater, positive outcome for our patients. Therefore, by investing in our community, we are able to reduce our patient’s time in the dental chair and provide outstanding quality in dental procedures, with outstanding results. 

By providing the latest techniques to the highest standards our patients on the Eyre Peninsula have all their dental needs expertly covered, from general dentistry, to Ceramic makeovers and Dental Implants.


Dr Damian Chung

Dr Damian Chung has operated his practice out of Park Terrace Dental since March 2004, his desire being to provide his patients with privacy, comfort and a sense of being our guest. The building has plenty of space to house the clinical equipment needed to provide the extensive range of treatment we make available in general dentistry today.

The practice has grown over the years with our existing patients confidently and kindly referring friends and family to experience dental care delivered with respect to each individuals needs.

Damian and his team provide complete dental care for the whole family, with an emphasis on preventive dentistry, patient education, communication, trust and respect.  

We have a strong involvement with our community and beyond. Through sponsorship & donations Park Terrace Dental is proud to be involved in many community events, fundraisers and sporting clubs. 

Dr Damian Chung and his family are proud to call Port Lincoln & the Eyre Peninsula home.

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“Community involvement is especially rewarding in a regional area”

Park Terrace dental takes pride in its involvement with various local charities, sporting clubs and events. Over the years we have chosen to contribute either our time or financial assistance to many local groups. We also strive to obtain the supplies needed to run our dental practice from local businesses where possible. 

The more recent involvement we have participated in over the years is listed below and we look forward to continuing with many and varied requests.

  • Port Lincoln Tunarama sponsorship    

  • Tunarama entrants “brighter smiles” vouchers

  • Port Lincoln Show sponsorship

  • Nautilus theatre – seating funding

  • St Josephs school year 12 awards

  • Long lunch sponsorship

  • Port Lincoln High school Aquaculture

  • Port Lincoln Gymnastics club

  • Colgate smile education kits distributor to all schools

  • Kindergarten and preschool education talks on request

  • Eyre peninsula bushfire appeal

Preventative Dentistry 

“It’s important to understand tooth decay is preventable”

Preventative dentistry aims to stop dental problems beginning, whether it is tooth decay or gum disease. The best place to start prevention is at home with a sound, tooth friendly diet and good oral care. With this in mind we aim to ensure our patients are fully informed about all that is required to care for their teeth and gums. We always recommend regular exams and cleaning to prevent gum disease. The aim of regular visits is to detect areas of concern and correct any problems before they become major ones. Generally when you start to feel discomfort in a tooth it has moved past not needing treatment. When needed we utilise fluoride treatment to strengthen teeth. 

We have a variety of information brochures available and other cleaning devices that are available to patients to take home, depending on their needs. We like to take the time to give you all the information you need to carry out good home dental care.

Kid Receiving Dental Treatment
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